9 East 86th Street: John Paulson Townhouse

Previous to the 2008 financial meltdown John Paulson was a relatively unknown hedge fund manager specializing in merger arbitrage deals. In 2004 he purchased 9 East 86th street as his personal residence, from The Town Club. Built in the Neo-Georgian style in 1916 for William Woodward Sr by Delano & Aldrich, it has six floors, covers about 28,000 square feet with 52 feet of frontage on 86th and has a pool, a rarity in New York City private homes and two elevators. Paulson reportedly paid $14.7 million for the property, which, relative to some of the other trophy townhouses private mansions in the city could be considered a steal even though it was estimated to need about another $5 million in renovations. Renovations were overseen and completed by Janko Rasic Architects. The façade of the building and its presence on the street is very understated, simple and elegant, for someone who is probably one of the most recognized names in finance these days the building is easy to pass by and miss altogether.

Paulson maintains two other residences, one out on Long Island in Southampton and another in Aspen Colorado. He’s married and lives a relatively quiet life with his wife and two children. Paulson previously lived at 8 East 63rd Street NY NY 10065.