45 East 66th Street

No matter how long you might live / have lived in New York City, 45 East 66th Street is a building that never ceases to visually delight the passerby. In his book, “The City Observed, A Guide To the Architecture of New York”, Paul Golberger wrote, “The detail is an eclectic mix of Elizabethan and Flemish Gothic, and it is just elaborate enough to be showy, but restrained enough not to compete with the separate, secondary level of texture created by the dozens of 12-over-12 double-hung windows, a veritable curtain of tiny square panes.”

The building is a ten story mid-rise, with 33 apartments. Was built in 1908 by the architecture firm of Harde & Short for Charles Rogers. The original entrance was in fact on the corner, but in 1929 was moved to where it is now on 66th street. A beautiful building that is always worth a couple moments stop while passing by. Harde & Short are also responsible for two sister buildings, 44 West 77th Street and The Alwyn Court at 180 West 58th Street